20 Aug 2012

Fiji business leader says minimum wages being sought far too high

7:26 pm on 20 August 2012

The head of the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation says the wage increases sought by the outgoing chairperson of the Fiji Wages Council were far too high.

Father Kevin Barr has resigned from the Wages Council over delays in pay increases during his four year tenure and says he is fed up the latest Wages Regulation Order has been delayed until the end of October.

The Chief Executive of the Commerce and Employers Federation, Nezbitt Hazelman says he believes Father Barr's resignation was premature and says some of the wage increases he requested were unreasonable.

"Fifteen percent is way above. I mean in any developing country fifteen percent just makes you less competitive. In the manufacturing industry, in the tourism industry. We are competing with countries like Bali, China for our products and services and we just can't compete."

Nezbitt Hazelman says hopes Father Barr reconsiders his position and completes the process.