20 Aug 2012

A priest fighting for Fiji's low waged won't give up, despite resigning from Wage Council

3:11 pm on 20 August 2012

The outgoing chairperson of the Fiji Wages Council say he has written to the interim Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment explaining why he has resigned.

Father Kevin Barr says he is leaving the Council after four years, in protest at planned wage increases being deferred three times during his tenure as the chairperson.

Father Barr says his resignation is a stand for justice and he has written a five page letter explaining this.

"It's a little group of influential employers, a little lobby, who go to their friends in governments to have the wages deferred and if possible reduced. So I see that my protest is against the greed and the selfishness of that group of employers and also a protest against government allowing them time and time again to get away with the same tactics."

Father Kevin Barr says he will continue to fight to achieve pay rises for workers despite his resignation from the Wages Council.