20 Aug 2012

Tokelau Education Director says changes needed for education structure

7:09 pm on 20 August 2012

The Director of Education in Tokelau says she wants to see changes made to the education system.

Local village councils have been responsible for the day to day running of schools since 2004.

The Education Director Tessa Kirifi says one of the biggest issues now facing the education sector is this structure and the shift of responsibility.

She says there have been delays in getting school buildings finished, and children at one school are being taught in local homes because the construction hasn't been made a priority.

"The decisions have been made on what's priority. I'd like some changes in how they actually...if they commit to have a school building finished by such and such a date any other project shouldn't take priority."

Tessa Kirifi says simple decisions such as getting funds for qualified teachers and even the right resources for schools are challenges.

The New Zealand Administrator of Tokelau says having children taught in homes isn't desirable, but he says construction projects take longer there because of the isolation and small workforce.