20 Aug 2012

Samoa village land claim leads leads to termination of mayor's job

6:55 am on 20 August 2012

Samoa's cabinet has sacked a village mayor over the land dispute between Satapuala village and the Samoa government.

Last week, the village council blocked part of the public road from Apia to Faleolo airport to prevent police and surveyors entering land they were claiming, leading to a massive police operation to clear it.

The mayor, or pulenuu, Ga Sakaria, has been served with a termination letter from the CEO of the Ministry of Women's Affairs.

The letter did not contain any reasons for the termination.

Ga Sakaria has told reporters he believes the cabinet decision is linked to his village's land claim as well as the roadblock last Thursday.

The village has decided for the same matai to hold the position if the government asks for another nomination.