17 Aug 2012

TI Vanuatu calls for disclosure in Phocea case

1:54 pm on 17 August 2012

The head of Transparency International in Vanuatu is calling for the police and politicians to reveal information about the seized yacht, the Phocea.

Marie-Noelle Ferrieux Patterson says when there are allegations of corruption in the police, problems with public prosecution and in the courts, the reputation of Vanuatu is tarnished.

She says situations like the one surrounding the Phocea are being used by the politicans before the elections

Mrs Ferrieux-Paterson says Vanuatu needs help from either Australia or New Zealand as it's very hard to trust anyone with an apparent cover up going on.

"First to have the politicans coming up and coming on TV and speaking to the people. Second maybe to have a commission of inquiry starting. And to appoint an independent body or person to actually look at that and to ensure that the prosecution go ahead. And that the politicans that went aboard the Phocea either come out publicly and explain what they were doing and in some way be prosecuted. Because they were on the boat that was not cleared and it's a criminal offence."

President of Transparency International Vanuatu, Marie-Noelle Ferrieux-Patterson.