15 Aug 2012

PNG's O'Neill wants anti-corruption bill tabled in Parliament late 2012

4:35 am on 15 August 2012

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister says he wants to have the Independent Commission Against Corruption Bill tabled in parliament later this year.

The Post Courier reports that Peter O'Neill has challenged MPs to support the passage of the bill when it is introduced, describing it as the real test of their stand on corruption.

In recent days, Mr O'Neill has been called on by several newly-elected MPs and NGOs to back up his stated commitments to fighting corruption in PNG.

He's also been urged to clear his name over allegations of corrupt deals relating to the National Provident Fund.

Mr O'Neill says he would welcome any new evidence regarding issues investigated under the 1998 NPF inquiry which resulted in charges against him being dismissed.

He says the Bill is expected to give the Independent Commission Against Corruption more bite and wider powers to investigate people of all levels suspected of promoting or practising corruption.