11 Aug 2012

CNMI governor says he will not fire AG

7:10 am on 11 August 2012

The governor of the Northern Marianas, Benigno Fitial, says he will not fire the attorney general despite House members calling for Edward Buckingham to resign.

The attorney faces criminal charges filed by the Office of the Public Auditor against him.

A letter from the Senate has also asked the governor to suspend Mr Buckingham without pay.

Governor Fitial also says last time he talked to Mr Buckingham was when the attorney general asked him to rescind the resignation he had earlier sent him.

That was on Sunday, the day after Mr Buckingham left the CNMI after being served a penal summons to appear in court.

But governor Fitial says when did talk to Mr Buckingham, he said he wanted to come back.

Earlier this week, the Superior court issued a bench warrant for Mr Buckingham for failing to appear in court.