8 Aug 2012

PNG women can make it to parliament without reserved seats - new MP

4:20 am on 8 August 2012

One of Papua New Guinea's three new female MPs says her success in the general election proves that women can make it to parliament without the creation of reserved seats.

A former district Treasurer, Delilah Gore won the Sohe Open seat in Oro Province.

She is one of two successful female candidates in the Triumph Heritage Empowerment party, alongside Julie Soso who on Monday won Eastern Highlands Regional.

The other new female MP is Loujaya Toni in Lae Open.

Before this election there had only ever been four women MPs in Papua New Guinea.

Delilah Gore says while the lack of female leaders needs to be addressed, she is not supportive of reserved seats

"Not separating women from men. It's fair. It's just fair for the men folks when we go into elections and people give us a mandate to come to the parliament. In that way, we gain respect. And I have been gaining a lot of respect from the male parliamentarians right now, I have a lot of support there."

Delilah Gore says it's difficult for women to contest an election in PNG but that the THE party was particularly supportive of her campaign.