6 Aug 2012

Honiara market manager says vendors need more space

4:38 pm on 6 August 2012

The new manager of the central market in the Solomon Islands capital says it is too small and must be enlarged.

Martha Horiwapo says the market, which is one of two in Honiara owned and run by the council, was designed for a smaller population.

But she says women from all over the country use it to sell their crops and it is difficult to make room for them all.

"When people come in the market and there's no space, this is not good for women. They spend all their time in the garden, preparing it, coming in the trucks, paying for their fares and down here in the market, if there's no space, they're waiting all their time and whatever they bring. So I'm pushing for this. They must extend this market."

Martha Horiwapo says the central market is the heart of the economy and extremely important to women and their families.