6 Aug 2012

NZ doctor calls for GPs to offer services to Tonga

11:50 am on 6 August 2012

A locum doctor is appealing to general practitioners in New Zealand to offer their services in Tonga to make up for a lack in primary health care.

Dr Howard Wilson's call comes after a recent trip to Tonga where he discovered there are no GPs in the capital Nuku'alofa.

Dr Wilson, who is from New Zealand, says all three health clinics in Tonga are only staffed part-time by hospital doctors with no GP training.

He says foreign doctors could fill the void.

"I was very much taken by the lack of a service out there. And I believe that if there are people that feel charitable enough to go and provide a service, I think that would be very much gratefully received and certainly by the local population and by the expat population because they also have a bit of a problem out there."

Dr Howard Wilson says as well as the doctor shortage in Tonga, there is a lack of different medicines in the health clinics.