6 Aug 2012

Sport: Fiji's Kable 26th after first shooting round

10:17 am on 6 August 2012

Fiji's Glenn Kable is ranked 26th after the first round of Olympic trap shooting.

The 49 year old is taking part in his third Olympic Games and his coach, Josh Lakatos, says the shooting range being used in London agrees with Kable.

"Judging by the scores that we've seen out there the range looks very simple but it's quite tricky. I think that's where the experience is going to come in - if you can keep your head together, keep your mental game together, and understand that even if you give away a point here - possibly another point there - that it's not the end of the day like it is in most other courses we train where it's easy to shoot, this course is not as forgiving as it seems and i think it's going to trick a lot of people."