31 Jul 2012

NZ and Australia commit to closer Fiji links after election progress

6:12 am on 31 July 2012

New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, says Wellington and Canberra are restoring full diplomatic links with Fiji to provide more support as the country prepares for planned elections in 2014.

Both high commissions, along with the Fiji missions in Canberra and Wellington, have had only junior ranked staff for the past several years, following multiple expulsions by the Fiji regime.

Mr McCully says with the enrolment process and the constitutional commission's dialogue now underway, there is a need for New Zealand and Australia to offer more support.

"There are many more steps that are required. I think that is understood on both sides but these are careful, considered,, calibrated steps that take us forward and enable us to build on some positive momentum but also leave us with plenty more to do in future, assuming that we can keep this thing moving in the right direction."

New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully.