25 Jul 2012

American Samoa lawmaker calls on ASPA to delay rate hike

10:24 am on 25 July 2012

An American Samoa lawmaker Larry Sanitoa is petitioning the American Samoa Power Authority to delay this year's rate hike given that the minimum wage increase has been delayed until 2015.

Mr Sanitoa has written to the Power Authority Board chairman Asaua Fuimaono to postpone the next rate hike set to take effect on the first of October, for at least two years.

He says all the residents of the Territory are currently struggling with financial hardships due to low income status and/or no means of income for their livelihood.

If the Authority goes ahead with the upcoming rate hike, Larry Sanitoa says it will be the third increase over three years.

He says the Power Authority's favorable consideration to delay the next rate increase would allow for another comprehensive rate study, which should factor in the current economic status, and the cost saving measures that it has implemented with its new alternative energy projects.