24 Jul 2012

American Samoa's Lolo decries Manu'a woes

6:26 pm on 24 July 2012

A candidate for governor in American Samoa, Lolo Letalu Moliga, has lashed out at the lack of development in Manu'a and condemned political candidates for using government vehicles during their campaigning.

Lolo says there are not many people living in Manu'a now because residents have gone to Tutuila to access services that are lacking in the islands.

Lolo said Manu'a residents have to pay for airfare to Tutuila to get services that should be available in Manu'a.

He also says some staples, such as rice, are much more expensive than in Tutuila.

The gubernatorial candidate says it is appalling that directors are using government vehicles to follow their candidates and campaign activities.

He says they are also using petroleum paid for by the taxpayer while school buses in Manu'a are parked because there is no fuel.

Lolo is promising a crackdown on unethical practices if he is elected.