24 Jul 2012

Tahiti meeting planned on fuel price hike protest

3:05 pm on 24 July 2012

A meeting is planned in French Polynesia to go ahead about now between the president, Oscar Temaru, and the group campaigning for the latest fuel price hike to be rescinded.

The group Te Tau no te Hono, has blocked the road at the western side of Papeete which today led to big traffic jams as it continues to push for a policy reversal.

The security forces have not intervened.

The group has placed large vehicles near the bridge linking the port amid apparent threats to cut access, should the talks fail to resolve the impasse.

At the weekend, it attracted several hundred people for a meeting outside the assembly, with several speakers expressing their misgivings about the way the economy is managed.

Te Tau no te Hono has called for a fresh rally outside the assembly in three days