20 Jul 2012

PNC becomes first PNG party to win 10 seats

7:12 pm on 20 July 2012

The People's National Congress has become the first political party to win 10 seats in Papua New Guinea's general election as counting continues.

Results through in two Morobe seats show the PNC ousting National Alliance incumbents, with Assik Tomscoll defeating Ben Semri for the Middle Ramu Open seat and Gisuwat Siniwim winning Nawae Open from Timothy Bonga.

The party of the caretaker Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, the PNC, leads in 29 of the 111 seats.

The next best placed party remains the Triumph Heritage Empowerment, or THE, party ahead in 13 while independents lead in 15.

The People's Progress Party of Sir Julius Chan has secured the next most declared seats with five - the latest being the Finschhafen Open electorate, retained by Theo Zurenuoc.

Meanwhile, the only female candidate to have a lead, Delilah Gore of the THE party, has extended her lead in the Sohe Open seat.

She has passed 4-thousand votes, a lead of 1170 over sitting member Anthony Nene with the seat due to go down to third preferences.