12 Jul 2012

Solomons woman claims unlawful demolition of home

12:59 pm on 12 July 2012

A resident of the Solomon Islands capital Honiara says she is taking the city council to court over the destruction of her home and belongings on land adjacent to the national trade show.

Blandy Kwalana says she and her six children have lived on the site in a tent since 2008 while awaiting the all-clear to build a house there.

She says the area had originally been set aside for a block of public toilets but she had been officially advised the council was not going to build it.

However Mrs Kwalana, a tailor who says she makes clothes for members of parliament, including the prime minister, believes the council decided to go ahead with the toilets for use during the trade show.

She says to make way for the construction, a bulldozer tore down her dwelling, destroying her 40 sewing machines in the process.

"For myself I find it very hard because all my assets are now destroyed. So I have nothing to do. With all the machines I had my own power to work."

Blandy Kwalana says the trade show is now over but the toilets are unfinished and she has no way of supporting her family.