9 Jul 2012

SPC says more vet training needed

3:18 pm on 9 July 2012

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community says there is a need to train more veterinarians in the Pacific.

The SPC is developing new modules to help Pacific nations improve their hygiene and skills in husbandry and disease surveillance.

A Land Resources Division technician at the SPC, Andrew Tukana, says most Pacific Island countries and territories do not have vets and this is threatening the health of the country's livestock.

"For example Fiji, because there is no vet around recently. You know soon after this outbreak of brucellosis the vet left. And then it has been quite a problem in terms of them trying to eradicate the disease in cattle. So because there was no vet, there was no direction. And the problem has sort of been lingering."

Andrew Tukana says there is currently a lack of funding to set up a new veterinarian school.