9 Jul 2012

Guam senators want prompt delivery of military buildup master plan

1:40 pm on 9 July 2012

Senators in Guam have tabled a resolution urging the United States to expedite the master plan for its military build-up on the island.

The Marianas Variety reports that one of the sponsors of the resolution, Senator Judith Guthertz, says the long delay in the submission of a master plan has stalled overall efforts to prepare Guam for the build-up.

For four years, the US has discussed its plans to transfer thousands of marines from Japan to Guam.

The number of marines to be transferred was recently put at about 5,000.

The US Senate has also asked for four years for a master plan for the transfer.

Senator Guthertz says it is necessary to provide justification to US realignment plans and any goals of expansion within the region.

She says no member of Congress will support any expansion of the federal budget for the buildup without very careful scrutiny and justification.