6 Jul 2012

Former world leaders aim to give practical advice to region

2:37 pm on 6 July 2012

A gathering of former world leaders in French Polynesia is aiming to give practical advice to Pacific Island countries on how they can make the most of huge economic growth in the countries of the Asia Pacific Rim.

The Club de Madrid is meeting in Papeete with regional leaders in the spheres of business, politics and development.

The group's Vice-President, Dame Jenny Shipley, says included in the gathering are former leaders of countries like Romania and Poland who can offer tips on moving from poverty to success.

"As the Pacific becomes the central axis point of both economic and geopolitical activity (it is important) that the blue economies of the Pacific are not either overlooked or left behind. And this conference wants to put them at the centre of conversations rather than on the periphery."

Dame Jenny says the group wants to encourage development that is led by the people of the region..