5 Jul 2012

Cook Islands to enforce compliance with waste regulations

6:46 pm on 5 July 2012

The Cook Islands government plans to get tougher on residents responsible for pig effluent seeping into waterways.

Pig waste is just one area of concern that the country's Waste Management Initiative programme is hoping to address in its Water, Waste and Sanitation project.

A civil engineer with the project, Tekao Herrmann, says the government is running an awareness campaign about the danger of pigs effluent flowing into lagoons and streams due to the high level of toxicity of pig waste.

"We've got regulations in place with respect to keeping pigs away from waterways or streams. So that's another part of the campaign that we're doing. We're focussing on the awareness component because I don't think very many people are aware that we've got regulations in place. And the other part to it is enforcement."

Tekao Herrmann says there will be fines for non-compliance with waste regulations.