4 Jul 2012

PNA secures revenue boost in new deal with US

12:38 pm on 4 July 2012

The United States has announced it has reached an agreement on a financial package with Pacific Island countries that are parties to the Tuna Treaty.

Pacific leaders had pushed for increased access fees for fishing days, and for fewer days overall.

The US will triple the amount it pays to fish in Pacific waters, paying 63 million US dollars a year over the next 10 years.

Our correspondent in the Marshall Islands, Giff Johnson, says the US has slowly increased the amount it will pay in response to steadfast negotiating, mostly anchored by the eight countries that are Parties to the Nauru Agreement.

"Whereas in the past, the distant water fishing nations got fish for a pittance, now the Pacific Islands are flexing their muscles, they control the exclusive economic zones, and fortunately they've been able to maintain solidarity, and not have members break off and cut deals on the side, and by staying together, they've been able to negotiate a much more beneficial treaty."

Giff Johnson reporting from Majuro.