3 Jul 2012

Samoa Law Reform Commission seeks public opinion on heritage board

2:38 pm on 3 July 2012

Samoa's Law Reform Commission has responded to a request from the prime minister to examine the feasibility and appropriateness of setting up a National Heritage Board.

The executive director of the commission, Leilani Tuala Warren, says the inquiry is timely because of recent cases which show the community is interested in ensuring that heritage sites receive protection.

She says the relocation of the courts to a new building in Mulinu'u in 2010 threatened the demolition of the old Court House in Apia.

She added that motivated concerned citizens to form a group to lobby for its preservation.

And more recently, the demolition of the old Parliament house was a concern as many Samoans felt it represented an integral part of Samoan's history.

While there are a number of laws and policies covering aspects of heritage protection, there is no single body responsible for identifying and protecting national heritage sites.