20 Jun 2012

NZ rally urges Indonesia to end oppression in Papua

6:52 pm on 20 June 2012

A rally has been held in New Zealand in response to recent violence in Indonesia's West Papua region including the alleged shooting of the pro-independence leader Mako Tabuni last week.

A small group gathered at the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington, where a letter was presented by the Green Party MP Catherine Delahunty, calling on the Indonesia government to end oppression in West Papua.

Ms Delahunty says the recent spate of violence is the worst the region has seen in a long while and says it is time international attention focused on the region.

Susanna Ounei, a Kanak woman who was an activist in New Caledonia for many years, says her people also stand by West Papuans.

"I just want to give my solidarity to the brothers and sisters from West Papua, we're determined to do something about it. In Kanaky they are organising also their solidarity with the West Papuans there in Kanaky because they are all brothers and sisters."

The political activist Susanna Ounei