20 Jun 2012

Vanuatu's Caulton says suspended Police Commissioner can go to court

4:43 am on 20 June 2012

The acting Police Commissioner in Vanuatu says the Commissioner of Police can take a complaint about his suspension to court if he wishes.

The president of Vanuatu, Iolou Johnson Abbil, has suspended the commissioner of police just days after a Supreme Court ruling found Joshua Bong should resume his position at the head of the police.

Natalie Mankelow reports.

"Mr Bong says he was forced to take leave by the chairman of the Public Service Commission a few weeks ago, following allegations of incompetence. Mr Bong applied for a judicial review and following the ruling in his favour last week, attempted to resume his position but the acting commissioner Arthur Caulton, refused to step aside. But Mr Caulton says he was still carrying out his appointment when Mr Bong tried to return to work. Mr Caulton wouldn't say if he thinks Mr Bong should return, but he says he has been suspended and can take the matter to court if he wants to.Mr Caulton also says he isn't after the Commissioner position."