16 Jun 2012

Sport: New coach puts Samoan netballers through their paces

8:08 am on 16 June 2012

The Samoan netball team have been busy refining their skills at a training camp in Auckland this week, ahead of the Pacific Series in Fiji at the end of the month.

Just five players have been included from the team that competed at last year's World Champs in Singapore, with the 12-strong squad made up of players from Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.

New coach Marcia Hardcastle says she's trying to involve the players more in decision making, while still offering a guiding hand.

"They're very highly skilled, it's just managing them as a team in their group, so making sure we've got some links through the court with the players we have and giving them better court-time together so they can mould better as a team. Just been enhancing skills that we need to just keep moving forward on. Working a lot on our shooting - we have got a young shooter who has never played at this top level at all. She could develop and has developed since i've been there."

The Pacific Netball Series, which also features Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Cook Islands, begins in two weeks.