15 Jun 2012

Solomons MP favours special steps for more women MPs

3:28 pm on 15 June 2012

A Solomon Islands MP says the only way to get more women into parliament is to create seats reserved for them.

A working group was set up earlier this year to investigate the concept of reserved seats as part of work on how to apply temporary special measures in the Solomon Islands context by the 2014 general election.

Douglas Ete, who's been the MP for East Honiara since the last election in 2010, says he definitely supports guaranteeing women seats in parliament.

"The Solomons has a patrilineal society except for Guadalcanal where you have a matrilineal lineage system and the only [female] politician over the last 32 years was a woman from Guadalcanal."

Douglas Ete says the members who have thrown out temporary special measures numerous times in the past are still in parliament but he believes the legislation must go through.