15 Jun 2012

Civil society in Vanuatu assesses EU/ACP ties

1:10 pm on 15 June 2012

Civil society in Vanuatu says it could have played a much stronger role in this week's meeting of the EU and the ACP.

The joint meeting of the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific group council of ministers finished in Port Vila today.

Oxfam's country director in Vanuatu, Alex Mathiesen, says civil society in the country is connected to people, particularly poor, marginalised, vulnerable people.

"So there's a really opportunity if the government of Vanuatu, and the EU and other donors really want to engage and find out what the issues are, and how to consider how issues that they may be deciding on in policy discussions, might impact on people, and particularly the poor people."

Alex Mathiesen says as well as looking at revenue raising, it is important leaders look at the impacts to people, both positively and negatively.