15 Jun 2012

Outgoing Papua New Guinea MP suggests a second house in parliament

10:55 am on 15 June 2012

There's a recommendation the incoming Papua New Guinea Parliament consider establishing a second House because the present system allows legislation to be bulldozed through.

Retiring MP and current opposition leader, Dame Carol Kidu, says there has been a desire for constitutional change for some time but the political standoff of the past ten months has focussed people's minds.

She says the democratic needs of the people are not being served.

Dame Carol has suggested the Speaker be chosen from outside Parliament, Cabinet no longer select the Chief Justice and the possibility of a Senate to replace the ineffectual committee system.

"Theoretically we have a committee system to review laws but it is not effective. I don't think I am being inappropriate saying that - any member of parliament could tell you that. And so maybe we do have to get a bi-cameral system but would any government be willing to do that, to know that that would put a curtailing on their legislative powers."