15 Jun 2012

Fiji Grey Power says pensioners suffering under current regime

10:56 am on 15 June 2012

Fiji's Grey Power says it's a cruel irony thousands of old people have had their pensions cut while the government is preparing policies to improve care of the elderly population.

A spokesman for Grey Power, Matt Wilson, says there's no doubt the recent severe reductions in monthly payments to some pensioners will push them into poverty.

Mr Wilson says the reductions to the Fiji National Provident Fund pensions were imposed without any proof that the payments could bankrupt the Fund.

He says the FNPF took the drastic step of breaking pension contracts without justification.

"In addition they've denied pensioners the the right of legal redress through the courts. It's unfortunate that this had happened at the very time when Fiji is getting ready to implement a policy for the aged which is supposed to make life easier for elderly people."

Matt Wilson says the issue is compounded by small increases in some pensions paid to those under other government schemes.