14 Jun 2012

Fishing boat which sank in American Samoa harbour refloated

9:00 am on 14 June 2012

The fishing boat which sank at the Malaloa marina in Pago Pago in American Samoa a week ago has been successfully refloated.

Crews have since been removing more than 700 gallons of bilge oil from the vessel.

The Coast Guard's Lieutenant, Steven Caskey, says the salvage operation has been more difficult than anticipated because the boat was unstable and they had to stabilise it before refloating it.

He says the salvage and clean up efforts are being paid out of the Pollution Fund but the owners will eventually be billed.

It's estimated that up to four thousand litres of oil was spilt into Pago Pago harbour when the boat sank - the first major oil spill there in some time.