14 Jun 2012

Indonesia's President admits security officers overreacted in Papua

7:03 am on 14 June 2012

Indonesia's President has admitted that security officers overreacted with their handling of the security situation in Papua, where violence has escalated during recent weeks.

The Jakarta Globe reports Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as saying personnel in both the military and police over reacted in their response to activities committed by certain elements, such as the killings of citizens and TNI soldiers stationed in the region.

While he hasn't expanded on that, the President's comment comes after an alleged violent rampage by soldiers in the Papua town of Wamena left at least ten people dead.

The military commander Admiral Agus Suhartono has meanwhile conceded the military needs to take lessons from last week's Wamena violence.

Soldiers reportedly destroyed many houses and killed villagers reportedly in retaliation for the death of one of their colleagues who was attacked by locals after he ran over a small child on his motorbike.

Admiral Agus says the soldiers shouldn't have overreacted.

The military has agreed to build tents as temporary shelters for villagers who lost their houses.