11 Jun 2012

NGO claims Indonesian military deliberately de-stabilising Papua region

3:19 pm on 11 June 2012

The Australia West Papua Association says the Indonesian military has an interest in further destabilising Indonesia's troubled Papua region.

In the wake of increased violence in Papua, the Association has renewed its call for Australia's government to press Indonesia to rein in the military in the territory.

Indonesian soldiers allegedly conducted a violent rampage in Wamena last week, with reports saying they killed up to 17 locals.

And the Association's Joe Collins says recent shootings in Jayapura, which police have attributed to unidentified gunmen, could be linked to the military.

"They will actually use West Papuans, they will pay them to create incidents and then blame it on separatists, so-called separatists. And also there are militias in operations there as well. West Papuans have reported that there are pro-Indonesian militias - so these will create incidents. It's all to do with keeping the local people terrorised while at the same time having an excuse to be involved in resource extraction."

Joe Collins