11 Jun 2012

Four inmates on run worry Vanuatu residents

9:21 am on 11 June 2012

A women's advocate in Vanuatu says people in Port Vila are being very careful while four high-risk prisoners are still on the loose.

Seven prisoners have been on the run for several weeks, and 49 people have been charged over harbouring them.

Two of the three recaptured prisoners remain in hospital after reportedly being badly injured during their arrest.

The chairperson of the NGO, Women Against Crime, Jenny Ligo says people are scared.

"Because they don't know who is going to pop up behind the bush to shoot them. Because if they are using guns, weapons, then it is a different story, and I must say, many people don't leave their homes from six to six."

Jenny Ligo

The police say they believe the four remaining prisoners are still on the main island of Efate, and are being harboured on the outskirts of the capital.