9 Jun 2012

Sport: Samoa weightlifting team out of contention for London Olympics

8:13 am on 9 June 2012

Samoa is well and truly out of team contention for the London Olympics after Niusila Opeloge bombed in the mens clean and jerk last night.

Last night in the men's 105 kilogram, Niusila was unable to complete any of his three lifts in the clean and jerk.

However, Toiva Opeloge did manage to claim the silver in the Commonwealth champs - and silver in the Oceania champs.

In the Juniors of the 105 kilogram Fitu Seti missed the bronze by a whisker in the Commonwealth section, but claimed a silver in the Oceania.

Meanwhile, Nauru has suffered a major blow in the bid to compete in the London Olympics after their 77 kilogram champion Bronco Deiranauw popped an elbow on Thursday night in his first attempt in the snatch.

Deiranauw now faces three months of recovery.

For the island nation to be represented in the Olympics, Itte Detenamo has to qualify on merit in the 105plus division in the Commonwealth and Oceania champs underway in Samoa.

The Oceania section of the champs is an Olympic qualifying event.

Detenamo has a hope of doing that because he is ranked number one in the Commonwealth.

He lifts today.