8 Jun 2012

No foreign police required to catch Vanuatu escaped prisoners

7:53 am on 8 June 2012

Vanuatu's Acting commissioner of Police Arthur Caulton, says there is no need for foreign asistance in the hunt for the four high risk prisoners who are still on the run.

The Prime Minister, Sato Kilman has said if police are unable to capture the prisoners before next week's ACP/EU conference, the government will seek foreign assistance.

The ACP/EU meeting is due to officially open on Monday, bringing more than 300 delegates from Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and Europe.

Mr Caulton says the local force can handle the security of the international delegates and continue to hunt the escapees.

More than three hundred police have been mobilized to provide security during the meeting.

Mr Caulton says people are still assisting the prisoners, despite 49 people being charged - ten of whom have been released on bail.