6 Jun 2012

Vanuatu strike ban labelled abuse of power

3:21 pm on 6 June 2012

The secretary general of the Vanuatu National Workers Union, Ephraim Kalsakau, says an order from Internal Affairs Minister, George Wells, banning strike action over the next two months is an abuse of power.

Mr Kalsakau says Mr Wells, as a former leader of the union, should better understand the procedures for resolving a dispute.

Last week, Mr Wells ordered that no one can call, organise, procure or finance a strike and any other industrial action before the end of July.

This came after the union had a planned industrial action during next week's meeting of the African Carribbean and Pacific group of nations with the European Union.

Mr Kalsakau says it is important for the government to allow the industrial action to go ahead during such an event.

"This is an opportunity to show ACP leaders that Vanuatu has industrial relations that befits the title of happiest nation on the Earth."