4 Jun 2012

Australian offcials checking Vanuatu beef production

5:21 am on 4 June 2012

Food Standards Australia New Zealand have been in Vanuatu checking and verifying the country's beef production systems.

The industry is well regulated and has proven itself to be successful in exporting beef to overseas markets such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands.

Vanuatu's main market is Papua New Guinea.

Dr Scott Crerar says the agency's visit is to ensure they can continue to trade beef products with Australia.

"If it's a favourable outcome for Vanuatu, and we don't have any real reason to think it won't be, they will continue access to the Australian market, it's really upto Vanuatu as to how much they want to export to Australia but they have current access and they will continue to have that access."