31 May 2012

Reef Shipping advises customers in Cook Islands to expect delays

10:11 am on 31 May 2012

Reef Shipping has advised its customers in the Cook Islands to expect delays from now through the end of July.

It says it cannot introduce it's newer, faster ship Southern Reef until the harbour redevelopment is complete, and until then it's carrying capacity is limited.

Reef Express voyage 157, which is scheduled to arrive in Rarotonga on June 13 and Aitutaki on June 15, was unable to accept all cargo orders.

The shipping company says some cargo did not make it onto the ship before the wait list closed, and will remain at the Auckland wharf until Southern Tiare departs.

The cargo will be loaded onto Southern Tiare in Auckland on June 23, which sails directly to Rarotonga and her estimated time of arrival is June 30 at Avarua.

Reef Shipping told Cook Island News that this is likely to be an ongoing problem in the short term, however once the harbour redevelopment is completed the Southern Reef will be placed in this trade.