25 May 2012

Concern over lack of insurance for Vanuatu police

4:24 pm on 25 May 2012

Relatives of Vanuatu police officers have expressed concern over the lack of life insurance for those trying to recapture six inmates who fled port Vila's prison.

The father of a force member, John Tabi, says the police are risking their life in trying to catch the escapees.

The concern was raised after police officers were shot at in the Black Sand area while on patrol.

Three civilians have been arrested over the shooting.

Mr Tabi says government will get the credit once the escapees are caught but should officers receive injuries they will get no compensation because they are not insured.

He has also criticised the minister of internal affairs, Georges Wells, for saying the escapees need to be caught because of the security of the delegates in ACP/EU next month in Port Vila.

Mr Tabi says the security of Vanuatu citizens must be the government's priority.