25 May 2012

Police block access to PNG's parliament

12:26 pm on 25 May 2012

A group of about 20 police has blocked the entry to Papua New Guinea's parliament since early this morning.

The group is not allowing access for any MPs trying to attend today's special sitting of parliament announced by the Peter O'Neill group claiming to be caretaker government.

The senior police officer who was appointed Police Commissioner by the rival Somare caretaker government, Fred Yakasa, denies that he has directed the police to block parliament.

However he confirms that men who work with him are conducting the blockade.

"They are actually securing the place and that intention to recall parliament should not be allowed so that is why they are over there."

Fred Yakasa

Meanwhile, AAP quotes one of the policemen at parliament as saying no sittings of parliament will be allowed until after the election which begins next month.

The officer says the group is unarmed.