22 May 2012

Vanuatu Police warn residents against harbouring escaped prisoners

5:25 pm on 22 May 2012

The Police in Vanuatu have warned residents against harbouring high risk criminals who have escaped from the local prison.

The police think a group of six prisoners could be behind the killing of an elderly expatriate couple and a number of break ins in and around Port Vila.

Natalie Mankelow reports.

"Officers have arrested five people who they believe were hiding the prisoners and seized a white bus which police say was used for transporting them. Some money and a number of valuable items have also been seized. Along with the killing of the elderly couple, it has also been revealed that the residences of 63 foreigners, including the Australian High Commissioner, have been robbed in the past two months. The Police say that harbouring escapees is an offence and they will not tolerate anyone assisting them. They say people need to come forward with any information so that trust can be rebuilt between locals and foreigners living in Vanuatu."