17 May 2012

Samoa police await post mortem report on a man killed in a police raid

7:54 am on 17 May 2012

In Samoa, a post portem has been completed on the man shot dead during a police operation at Faleatiu village a week ago.

Assistant Police Commissioner, Leaupepe Fatu Pula, says police are now waiting on report from the pathologist from New Zealand who carried out the procedure.

The post mortem will help determine if Togia Rapi was killed by a bullet fired by police or a family member.

Leaupepe says they are also conducting an internal investigation on a possible leak from someone in the police force who had tipped off the family at Faleatiu of the raid.

Meanwhile, Togia's father, Lelevaga Isalei Talimatasi believes that there should be a special investigation into the bullets that wounded the police officers.

He told Talamua online his family does not have guns and they did not shoot at the police.

He believes that the police officers were wounded by their own bullets.

But the Police Commissioner says the officers never had a chance to leave their cars as they were shot at first.

Togia Rapi's funeral is today.