16 May 2012

PNG politicians run out of steam and agree on polls

2:16 pm on 16 May 2012

Papua New Guinea's rival politicans have laid aside their differences and used yesterday's special sitting of parliament to agree on holding elections as scheduled.

The deputy prime minister and leader of the PNG Party, Belden Namah had previously backed a six month deferral but has now joined the prime minister Peter O'Neill in supporting the June poll.

Our Port Moresby correspondent Titi Gabi says yesterday's session revolved around departure speeches.

"It's like they've got no more ammunition to try everything to pull that one off so it's like ok, we give in, kind of thing. But everyone's now focused on elections because it's going to happen."

Titi Gabi says people's support is still strong support for the former prime minister Sir Michael Somare, who despite his own earlier suggestions to the contrary, has indicated that he may contest the election.