15 May 2012

Somare labels rival PNG politicians would-be dictators

6:20 pm on 15 May 2012

Papua New Guinea's former Prime Minister says the actions of the politicians who ousted him are those of would-be dictators.

Sir Michael Somare has told NBC radio that he will remain the leader of his National Alliance Party until the formation of a new government, and will speak to East Sepik people before making up his mind about standing for the seat again.

Sir Michael says new leaders must come to parliament after the elections, committed to upholding the constitution.

"This group of alleged leaders have used legislation only seeking to eliminate political and legal opposition. Such seeds are sown by would-be dictators. This group abuse of powers can not become precedent. This can not ever be allowed to happen again. While these shocking unjust actions have been levelled against me, I can not stand aside and allow elected leaders to be similarly removed by opposing members of parliament."

Sir Michael Somare says he calls on PNG people to ensure contempt proceedings against current MPs are completed.

He says the consequences of contempt before the Supreme Court must be imprisonment.