15 May 2012

PNG developer says settlers offered a good deal to relocate from Paga Hill

3:08 pm on 15 May 2012

The lawyer for Paga Hill Developments in Papua New Guinea's capital says they are doing much more for the settlers on their land than has previously been done in PNG.

This comes after heavy machinery, aided by armed police, tore down many of the buildings at the central city settlement on Saturday, leaving hundreds homeless.

The development deal has been called fraudulent by the local MP Dame Carol Kidu, but lawyer Stanley Liria says the company legitimately acquired the land ten years ago.

He says the company has also bought a 12 hectare site at Six Mile for the squatters' resettlement.

"The company has done a consultation with the settlement people and asked them to move this side where the company will provide logistic support, carpenters to pull down their houses, trucks to move them to the new site and resettle there, and provide them some funding to re-erect their houses."

Stanley Liria concedes that many of the settlers have turned down this offer.