15 May 2012

Miss World Fiji 2012 judge says event was a scam

12:38 pm on 15 May 2012

One of the judges of the controversial Miss World Fiji 2012 competition says the whole event was a scam and no one from the pageant should represent the country.

16-year-old Torika Watters was crowned Miss World Fiji 2012 in April, but the director of the pageant says she has decided to step down.

Miss Watters faced accusations that she didn't look Fijian enough and also says she was told that she was too young to represent her country.

The director, Andhy Blake, says Miss Watters didn't step down because of age or race matters.

But one of the local judges who was selected to pick Miss World Fiji 2012, Hupfeld Hoerder, says the whole pageant has been run unprofessionally.

"From the beginning the whole thing (has been) a scam. I think nobody should represent Fiji because of the negative publicity. The whole thing is unethical. All the girls were good, but to be fair on all the rest of the girls I don't think Fiji should send anybody."

Hupfeld Hoerder says Mr Blake should publically apologise for the way he has run the pageant.

Mr Blake says his reputation has been tarnished and he is considering his legal options.