14 May 2012

Hopes the Vanuatu government will raise supplementary budget to pay teachers

3:11 pm on 14 May 2012

Vanuatu's Teaching Services Commission says it is hoping Parliament will approve a supplementary budget next month to meet the salaries of teachers, some of whom have not been paid for many months.

The government still owes the salaries of about 100 teachers who have not been paid since the beginning of last year, while some new teachers this year are yet to be paid.

The Chairman of the Teaching Services Comission Derek Alexander says there is a paper before the council of ministers to consider a supplementary budget.

"Once we prepare a supplementary budget and we submit it to the council of ministers and the government council of ministers approve it then it has to go through parliamentary appropriation. Then we can use that money to pay out the absent salaries for the teachers plus the salaries for this year and the future."

Derek Alexander says the salaries for the teachers were not budgeted for and the Ministry of Education has insufficient funds to pay them.