14 May 2012

Kiribati documentary critical of response to climate change

10:12 am on 14 May 2012

An Australian film director says his documentary about the effects of climate change on the people of Kiribati is a plea to the world not to forget about their plight.

Tom Zubrycki's documentary highlights the personal story of a political issue as he follows a i-Kiribati woman, Maria Tiimon, to climate change conferences in Copenhagen and Cancun.

He says many people even in Australia and New Zealand don't know much about Kiribati and the threat of sea level rise facing the 33 atolls.

He says Kiribati is one of the poorest nations in the Pacific and the documentary is putting out a plea to the world community.

"To basically say, don't forget about the plight of these people. It references the geopolitics, how nations decide as to who to protect first, what funds are available. It basically, I think is pretty critical about the fact that our nations are, in the west, that can afford to do something about climate change, particularly affecting the poorer nations, have been very, very slow to react."

Tom Zubrycki's film 'The Hungry Tide' is being shown at festivals around the world.