11 May 2012

Call on PNG government to act on corruption report

2:24 pm on 11 May 2012

The Papua New Guinea government is being called on to take action after a scathing report from its corruption watchdog detailing rampant corruption within the public service.

In the report, Task Force Sweep described what it called a 'mobocracy' with corruption institutionalised in some government departments.

It says 20 public servants have been suspended and another 20 politicians should be referred to the Ombudsman Commission.

Transparency International PNG's spokesperson, Lawrence Stephens, says the level of corruption detailed is not a surprise, but it is significant and it provides the government with the information needed for action to be taken.

"No one is surprised but everyone will be delighted if action is taken. One of our great difficulties in Papua New Guinea is that action tends not to be taken, reports are presented and no action, so if we see action on this one it will be excellent."